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Gulf Recovery Solutions

helping businesses



for a Tampa Bay General Contractor


for a Tampa Bay Repair Shop


for a Tampa Bay Sign Company

$20+ Million

for a prominent Florida Non-Profit

$15+ Million

for a Florida Maintenance Business

$7+ Million

for a National Building Services Provider

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Our Mission:

To support accountants, lawyers and business owners throughout the BP spill claim process by providing instant qualification analysis, efficient document management and accurate claim values while maintaining the confidentiality of all financial records entrusted to us.

We Help Businesses Recover from the Deep Water Horizon Spill

BP has agreed to pay billions to businesses affected by the Deep Water Horizon Spill. Our goal is to help you get the money that has been set aside for your business.

Our Expertise is Helping Businesses Like Yours:

  • Multi-Unit Retail and Franchises
  • Multi-Unit Businesses with Headquarters Outside the Gulf Region
  • Health Care Businesses
  • Non-Profits, Some with Claims in Excess of $20 Million
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